Plan great meals at Publix, the popular place for quality meats, fresh produce and great prices.

Classic Meal Plan

Meals like Mom used to make - only a bit simpler and even more healthy.

How did eMeals come up with so many fantastically affordable family dinners? Simple - we asked families just like yours. Here are all of their favorites (and yours too).

Low-Fat Meal Plan

Trim the fat and save the flavor with a no-stress, common sense, family-friendly meal plan.

Less is more with eMeals. Our nutritious, satisfying menu trims the trans-fats and skimps on the saturated fats. Plus, we take care of the research, the recipes and even the bargain hunting.

Portion Control Meal Plan

Portions, pounds, and planning: eMeals helps you get with the program - and stick to it.

This isn't a weight management system. It's better. eMeals helps you balance your nutrition, your time and your budget. And it just happens to sync with today's popular portion control programs.



7 dinner meals and side dishes


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